PRP + Fat Graft For Osteoarthritis

An effective combination for relief of pain.

PRP + Fat Graft for Regenerative Medicine

The combination of platelet-rich plasma with a fat graft may be one of the options you wish to consider if you have osteoarthritis. In numerous clinical studies, this combination has been shown to be safe and effective at reducing pain, improving function, and even improving the integrity of articular cartilage. This combination is still considered experimental, and there is no guarantee as to the outcome.

Fat grafting has been a very well-accepted and prevalent procedure in plastic surgery for many years now.

Harvesting a fat graft is very different from liposuction as the scope of the procedure is very limited: we harvest only 30 cc of fat, require no suction, and use only a local anesthetic.

The purpose of injecting fat into any part of the body is that it provides structural support and acts as a “scaffold” material. In osteoarthritis, this provides a framework inside the joint which is conducive for your body to do some healing and repair. We also know that fat is a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells, but we are not calling this a “stem cell procedure”.

What is a PRP + Fat Graft Procedure?

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