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Health Canada Update on MK-677

Over the past year Pagdin Health has recommended a peptide supplement by the name of MK-677. This supplement has been used to encourage one’s own production of growth hormone. There has been a recent bulletin from Health Canada to suggest that MK-677 may contain ingredients that are not listed on the label. This bulletin also applies to other performance enhancing supplements including: Cardarine, DMAA and, SARMS such as Ostarine, Andarine and RAD-140. The alternative suggestion for growth therapy would involve a daily injection of growth hormone. This is not appropriate for all patients so a medical consultation with Dr. Pagdin would be required. In accordance with Health Canada, Pagdin Health recommends that if you have MK-677 at home you should discard it by taking it to your local pharmacy. Read the Full Alert From Health Canada

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Dr. Pagdin is an amazing Doctor. He has changed my life!! Takes the time to listen and explain everything you need to know. Never rushes and truly listens to what you have to say.

- RateMD Reviewer

Dr. Pagdin saved my life and turned it back into a life to live for. He is very kind, listens, and knew in one visit what was wrong with me after seeing many Dr.s for many years thank you!

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Stem Cell Medicine

We work with patients of all ages with osteoarthritis or chronic sports injuries who are willing to participate in regenerative medicine.

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PRP Treatments

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments have been shown to be helpful for facial rejuvenation, hair loss restoration, male & female sexual performance, and a variety of soft tissue and sports injuries.


Anti-Aging Medicine

Using lifestyle modifications to prevent the degeneration, decline, and diseases that people accept as "normal" parts of aging.


Bio-Identical Hormones

Effectively “turn back the clock”, helping you feel more positive, energetic, and vigorous while strengthening your bones, muscle, heart, and brain, as well as enhancing mood, sleep, and immunity.


Executive Physical Exams

A comprehensive review of your health status with a special emphasis on disease prevention, fitness, nutrition, and includes thorough laboratory testing.

Live as young as possible, staying energetic and youthful without pain or disease.

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Dr. Pagdin's primary interest is preventative and anti-aging medicine services, providing comprehensive wellness consulting to those that wish for LIVING LONGER BETTER


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Live as young as possible, staying energetic and youthful without pain or disease.

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