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Restoring hair loss with a Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment PRP

PRP Treatment for the Hair

We are excited to announce that the Pagdin Health Clinic has just acquired a new technology for delivering Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) directly to hair follicles in a precise fashion. Called the “U225”, this leading-edge technology is a huge improvement to the way we deliver PRP. It looks surprisingly like a gun, but in actual fact is a holder for a syringe, activated by an air compressor, delivering a tiny droplet of PRP at a precise depth of 1.5mm below the skin surface with every squeeze of the trigger. The best news is, this treatment is completely painless requiring no anesthetic!

The protocol we recommend is a series of three treatments of PRP at intervals of 3-4 weeks apart using the U225 gun. PRP has been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness in promoting new hair growth in both men and women. (1)

Because new hair growth can take 6-9 months, we have our patients come back for follow up photography 6 months after their treatment is complete.



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