PRP For Male Enhancement

Increase sexual performance for men using platelet-rich plasma.

PRP Treatment for Male Enhancement

Commonly referred to as the P-shot or Priapus Shot®, this is an injection of platelet-rich plasma to the penis for sexual enhancement. This injection can assist with erection performance as well as both the length and the girth of the penis. In addition, if there's some curvature to the penis, which is called Peyronie's disease, we can target that specific area and it will help to straighten out a curvature.

What's involved is at least three injections, spaced out at approximately monthly intervals. In order to get PRP,  we harvest some blood from your arm and we spin it in a centrifuge. We get rid of the white blood cells and the red blood cells and use just the platelets, which are full of a number of growth factors designed to help to enhance circulation as well as enhance nerve sensitivity.

Sexual satisfaction scores are significantly improved with a course of PRP therapy for penis enhancement.

Dr. Pagdin explains the PRP treatment for male enhancement:

Consultation Information

We will be happy to set up a 15 minute no-charge consultation for you with Dr. Pagdin. This can be either at our Kelowna office or by telephone.

We will be asking you to forward the CBC lab results in advance of the discussion. Located in the link below is a medical records request form in the event you need to request your CBC from a physician’s office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Those looking for an increase in sexual performance, improved erection function and an increase in overall size. This also includes those with medical conditions that affect their circulation, patients with diabetes and patients who have had cancer treatment for the prostate.

  • Those looking to enhance their sexual performance.
  • Improvement in blood flow
  • Improvement in sensation
  • Improvement in erection performance
  • Increases in girth and length
  • Virtually painless

We harvest a small amount of blood and spin it in a centrifuge.  We take the platelets which are full of growth factors and inject them up and down both sides of the penis.

The procedure is not painful as you will be applying a generous amount of topical anesthetic cream to a specific area on the penis.  Once the area is numb the doctor will deposit a small amount of local anesthetic that freezes the nerve supply.  All the platelet injections are therefore completely painless. The procedure is approximately 1 hour from start to finish.  The actual injections only take 15 minutes.

The patients we have treated notice a definite enhancement in sexual performance within 1-2 weeks of the treatment.

A minimum of 3 treatments is recommended at approximately 4-week intervals.

Downtime is very minimal. You will need to avoid anti-inflammatory medication/supplements including ice for 1 week.  You will be provided with a vacuum device for daily use to enhance the growth of new blood vessels.

It is safe to resume sexual activity that evening.

Please contact our office for pricing.

Our patients report improved erection function, increase in size, improved sensation and an overall performance boost.

Live as young as possible, staying energetic and youthful without pain or disease.

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