Lose 3-5 Pounds Per Week with the hCG Weight Loss Program

hCG Weight Loss Program

The 500 Calorie hCG Weight Loss Program is a telehealth program that allows patients to work with a knowledgeable weight loss physician as they strive to safely lose weight.

The need for weight loss programs with experienced physicians has become more pressing for many people, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Telehealth visits, which are increasingly being seen as a superior method for both patients and physicians, can help alleviate the issue of a shortage of providers by offering a convenient and efficient way for patients to receive medical care remotely.

The telehealth weight loss program is designed to help individuals lose 10-30 pounds over a period of 3-6 weeks. On average, participants in the program can expect to see a weight loss of 3-5 pounds per week.

This program is ideal for those who are looking to make significant progress in their weight loss journey.

If you need to lose more than 30 pounds, be sure to speak to our team about additional weight loss strategies.

The cost of the telehealth weight loss program includes initial and follow-up visits, as well as access to the members-only area. In order to participate in the program, you will need an internet connection using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, as well as an accurate scale.

The prescribed medication for the telehealth weight loss program will be sent to the patient's preferred pharmacy, and it will be the patient's responsibility to purchase the medication.

Telehealth visits will be conducted using Microsoft Teams Meeting rooms or phone calls.

During the telehealth visits, the doctor will review the need for home measurement of blood pressure and possibly recommend blood tests for hormones if they have not been done recently. These recommendations will be based on the individual needs of each patient.

Pagdin Health Telehealth visits offer some features that are not typically found in a traditional clinic setting, including:

During a Telehealth visit, both the questions and answers between the doctor and patient can be recorded for future viewing. This feature allows for easy reference and review of the visit.

It is possible to have the entire Telehealth meeting transcribed for review after it has ended. This can be helpful for those who want to review the details of the meeting or who may have missed anything during the session.

Patients who participate in the Telehealth program have access to exclusive resources, including online videos and meal plans, through a "Member Only" area. These resources can provide helpful guidance and support as patients work towards their weight loss goals.

Scheduling Your Telehealth hCG Weight Loss Program Appointment

Call our office at 250-717-3200 to schedule a complimentary phone appointment. During your call, the doctor will review your questions and determine what actions and programs you qualify to participate in. Not all patients would be suitable for the weight loss program.

After your complimentary appointment, Pagdin Health staff will follow up with you and book your initial appointment and follow-up appointments. A link for your Telehealth visit will be emailed to you.

Payment for your program will be required 15 mins before your Initial Telehealth visit. Pagdin Health staff will call to get your payment and help troubleshoot any issues with getting connected to your appointment.

After the initial visit, you will receive your link to our members-only website with all your plan details, including videos, guides, menus, and links to additional resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The HCG program kick-starts healthy lifestyle changes and should not be used as a ‘quick fix’ for you to experience the greatest success.
  • This intensive program rebalances your metabolism and hormones as well.
  • The HCG program is safe to continue for periods of up to 6-weeks at a time, and can be repeated, if necessary, after a minimum of two months between program starts.
  • Any intensive diets can cause disruption to the regularity of menstrual cycles, and two methods of contraception are recommended for use during the program (ex. Birth control pill and condoms).
  • Other common side effects include the possibility of hair loss, dry skin, constipation, headaches, muscle cramps, or gastric reflux.
  • This program is completed entirely online using a virtual setting.
  • You will have open access to health care providers with Pagdin Health should you experience any adverse side effects or have questions about your progress through the program.
  • Flamand, should you experience any adverse side effects or have questions about your progress in the program.
  • All non-urgent correspondence is through phone or email with our friendly reception team.
  • The prescriptions and access to health coaching are provided as part of the HCG program fee, however the cost of filling the prescriptions will be an additional expense when you have them filled at a pharmacy.
  • This expense may be partially covered with extended benefits as naturopathic medicine.
  • We ask that you bring your prescription requisitions to any pharmacy near you.
  • You should continue using your prescription medication, including hormone therapy during this program.
  • If you use thyroid medication, you will be asked to reduce your prescription to half (ex: take thyroid medication every other day instead of everyday). Continue to self-monitor symptoms such as anxiety or feelings of over-stimulation.
  • It is recommended that those taking birth control should continue to do so along with another contraception method, such as condoms. 
  • It is important to know that this weight loss program may affect a regular menstruation cycle and there is the possibility of disruption.
  • You should plan to begin the HCG diet right after your period, to avoid hormone imbalance during your program. If you are completing the 6-week program, plan to begin at the end of your period so that only one menstrual cycle will be affected.
  • Maintaining your results will be the long-term goal. To do this effectively, adhere to the Maintenance Phase instructions of the HCG program. Dr. Pagdin also recommends the book “Beyond Keto” by Dr. Don Colbert to inform healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.
  • We also encourage participation in our hormone therapy program (BHRT) to maintain long term results, hormone stability, and healthy living after the diet is completed.