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When we inject platelet-rich plasma (or PRP) into the face, it is known as a “Vampire Face Lift” because we are harnessing the healing power of your own blood to rejuvenate your face. The American physician, Dr. Charles Runels, who also coined the term, is the one who developed the procedure. This procedure involves injecting small volumes of platelets into trouble spots in the face including crow’s feet around the eyes, marionette lines around the mouth, acne scarring, rosacea, frown lines in the forehead, and furrows in the neck resulting in increased elasticity of these areas and a toned, youthful appearance. Imagine a facial makeover without surgery, without Botox, and without fillers. Your face will look refreshed and rejuvenated without looking “frozen” or “over-plumped”. Furthermore, benefits can last for 12-18 months! This PRP procedure is now available at Pagdin Health, where we have been providing PRP and stem cell medicine therapy since 2014.

Platelets contain a wide variety of growth factors which are beneficial to the skin of the face. They help generate blood vessels and nerve endings, proliferate collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts which assist in tissue repair and healing, help glandular function, and support the dermal layers. The fibroblasts replace tissue which is lost or damaged through aging, resulting in healthy skin that looks refreshed and rejuvenated. There are over 9000 papers in PubMed about platelet-rich plasma, as it is widely used in sports medicine and orthopedics, plastic surgery, as well as dentistry. There has never been one serious side effect reported: no abnormal growths, no tumours, and no serious infections. There are no chemicals used in this procedure, simply your own blood.

The technique involves drawing one or two ounces of blood from your arm and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the white and red blood cells, creating “PRP” which stands for “platelet-rich plasma”. A topical anesthetic cream is applied to the face. A micro-needling device is used to inject PRP into any trouble spots. Injections take no more than 10 to 15 minutes and produce very mild discomfort only. The platelets go to work immediately, releasing their growth factors within an hour of injection. A series of two or three injections at monthly intervals is recommended. The benefit is a younger, smoother appearance, simply using growth factors from your own platelets.

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Dr Grant Pagdin MD

Dr. Grant Pagdin

Dr. Grant Pagdin

Dr. Pagdin is a leading expert in regenerative medicine in Western Canada. Dr. Pagdin is board-certified with the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM) and a Member of the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation. His primary interest is preventative and anti-aging medicine using stem cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments.

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