Anti-Aging Medicine

We'll help you be healthy and active as you age with lifestyle modifications.

Anti-Aging Medicine

While it is inevitable that we all grow older, it is important that we age well. I believe we can be healthy, vigorous, and active as we age. The decline, degeneration, and many of the diseases that people accept as “normal” parts of aging can largely be prevented with lifestyle modifications. The four critical pillars of aging well are: healthy nutrition, vigorous exercise, stress reduction, and adequate sleep. On top of this firm foundation it may be appropriate to add certain nutritional supplements, and to replace certain hormones as they decline.

Consultation Information

Please ensure you complete the registration form and questionnaire with as much detail as possible. Dr. Pagdin will be utilizing many of your answers to create a tailored and comprehensive lab requisition for you.

*In order to reduce the duplication of ordered lab testing, please forward any recent lab results that you have had within the last 3-6 months, to us along with your completed forms.

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Once the questionnaire and registration form are complete, return all documents to us either by email, fax, or you may drop them off in person. You will then be contacted by our office to arrange a brief 15-minute interview, either by phone or in person, with the doctor to establish and arrange your lab testing.

Our services are not covered by medical insurance therefore, full payment is required prior to the services rendered.

An Anti-Aging consultation is 45 minutes in length and $350. 30-minute quarterly appointments are recommended for the first year ($250). Additional 15-minute follow-up appointments are $125. Our goal is to have you feeling optimal and balanced such that we will see you once or twice a year. As an added convenience for our patients, follow-up appointments can be done over the phone.

Please note that seeing Dr. Pagdin for Anti-Aging treatments does not make him your "family doctor". He will be acting as an Anti-Agent Consultant. All other medical concerns should be followed-up with your family doctor or at a walk-in clinic.

Please feel free to call or email if you have any further questions. We look forward to being in touch with you soon.


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