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Vitamins You Should Be Taking During the Winter

Now that winter is well underway, it’s very important that we should be talking about vitamin D it’s essential for your bones, but it’s also essential for mood and your immunity. Normally vitamin D is synthesized in the skin so when your skin is exposed to sunshine in the summer, your skin can make up…

How to Keep Your Weight In Check During the Pandemic

Has your weight been creeping up during this pandemic? Dr Pagdin shares his top tips for keeping your weight in check.

Pagdin Health Approved to Treat Up To Two Joints in Stem Cell Research Project

Pagdin Health has been granted permission to treat two joints instead of one.

Pagdin Health Announces Health Canada Approval to Conduct Osteoarthritis Research Using Your Own Stem Cells

Pagdin Health is excited to announce that Health Canada has approved the “first of its kind” stem cell research project for osteoarthritis.

Good News For Hair Loss

Hair loss is a big problem not just for men, but also for many women and is closely linked to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone.

Preserve Your Brain

To have a strong and healthy brain we need a few very simple key ingredients: good food, physical exercise, happiness, and sleep. Today we are going to look at some of the dietary ingredients which can be incorporated in your weekly meal plan to boost brain power and help prevent cognitive decline.

We Are Resuming Select Procedures

We are excited to share with you that we will resume select procedures starting Monday May 25th. In accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Provincial Health Officer we have put additional measures in place to ensure the safety of our patients and staff members. Additional measures in place at Pagdin Health. All Pagdin Health…

Diet Myths

For the past year I have subscribed to an excellent blog called “Weighty Matters” written by MD Yoni Freedhoff. He is an associate professor in Family Medicine of the University of Ottawa, and an international expert in weight loss. His posts are always sharp and relevant, with many practical suggestions for those struggling with their…

Coronavirus – What You Need to Know

How you can boost your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak

Health Canada Approval For Stem Cell Research Project

After many months we have received approval from Health Canada to being our stem cell research project.

Do cleanses really work?

Cleanses are crazy popular, but do you really need to detox?

Dr. Pagdin’s Christmas Ginger Spice Cookies

You gotta try Dr. Pagdin’s delicious keto friendly Christmas Ginger Spice Cookies!

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