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Using Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments for Male Enhancement

A virtually painless treatment to enhance your overall sexual experience.

What are the results of using platelet-rich plasma to treat sports injuries?

How long will it take before you’ll be back playing for sport?

How many platelet-rich plasma treatments are needed to treat a sports injury?

One, two, three treatments? How many will you need?

Where do you get the platelet-rich plasma when doing a PRP treatment for sports injuries?

PRP can be obtained from many different sources. Find out where we get ours.

When is the best time to start a PRP treatment after a sports injury?

How long should you wait before starting a PRP treatment for sports injuries?

What is Involved with a PRP Treatment for Sports Injuries?

Ever wondered what is involved in getting a PRP treatment to heal your sports injury?

How Long Do You Need to Continue With Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Once you start, do you have to continue for the rest of your life?

Are There Any Risks With Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What risks, if any, when starting hormone replacement therapy.

Is Progesterone Linked to Cancer?

Dr. Pagdin discusses if taking progesterone as part of a hormone replacement therapy program is safe.

Easy Financing Options Now Available at Pagdin Health

Now it’s easier to get a regenerative treatment thanks to easy financing options now available at Pagdin Health.

Are Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments for the Face and Scalp Painful?

Dr. Grant Pagdin discusses how we deliver PRP to the face and scalp and answers the pain question.

Dr Grant Pagdin’s Background and Outside Interests

Dr. Grant Pagdin talks about his background and what he enjoys doing outside of medicine.

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