PRP For Male Enhancement

A PRP procedure that is commonly known as the P-Shot or Priapus Shot®, named for the Greek god of virility.

The procedure entails harvesting some blood from your arm, then spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the blood cells and platelets. We inject this platelet-rich plasma which is full of a number of growth factors to the penis in a series of two or three injections.

Potential benefits include:

  • increase erection performance
  • increased penis length
  • increase penis girth
  • increased sexual satisfaction scores
  • straightening of the penis (Peyronie’s disease)

Dr. Pagdin explains more about the procedure:

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Dr. Grant Pagdin

Dr. Pagdin is a leading expert in regenerative medicine in Western Canada. Dr. Pagdin is board-certified with the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM) and a Fellow of the Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation. His primary interest is preventative and anti-aging medicine using stem cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments.

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